Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Gadsden Flag...

Hello South East Texas... glad you made it to the CB.
This being my first post I'll make it sweet and short.

Nov 7th a friend and I made it to Rodgers Park under
the Autumn blue sky of poet dreams, people slowly
gathering in front of an old baseball backstop from
my youth... a monument at the far side of this
old Beaumont gathering spot.

Having grown up here I was feeling nostalgic, and coming
to my first Tea Party for the SETX chapter made it also
something to take pride in. The crowd gathering was from
all walks of life, young and old the like. Not to my surprise
these were the type of people I meet when out fishing... friendly
compassionate and who have never met a stranger. The event
went on without a hitch except maybe only that we ran out of
day, book-marked with a photographer's dream sunset. The
image most burnt into my mind.s eye is the one below. Our
next generation under the Gadsden Flag smiling with faith
that all we have perservered for will still be here when
she becomes a woman. Thanks to all that attended.

Click on the picture below for a slide show
of this wonderfull coalition.

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